Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Power Of Ideas

The Economic Times is more than a home to us. It is where we think, analyze, and occasionally conceive ideas that we, like some folks elsewhere, hope will make a difference. The Power Of Ideas came from one such deliberation not too long ago.

At first we thought it daunting, and then we were consumed by an entrepreneurial spirit and went for it. We thought if we put our heart into it, the results will take care of themselves. The least we could do is try out the initiative that we eventually launched on the 21st of this month.

For a long time we’ve been bringing The Economic Times to readers across the country. Admittedly it has not been easy to say the least. Suffice to say it has in turn taught us at the office many things we might not otherwise have learnt. Among them was a realization of a strong entrepreneurial bent of mind among many of our readers. Over time we felt we had to do something about it, and the least we could do was facilitate the dreams of those who dared to dream.

And hence The Power Of Ideas.

Like a writer who embarks on a novel knowing only vaguely how it might end but prepared nevertheless for the twists and turns that must surely lie in wait as he dutifully lays out the plot, knowing full well he will be at the mercy of the characters he is creating, so are we at The Economics Times with the plot of The Power Of Ideas.

And like the writer we’re bound by the suspense of our initiative and cannot wait for it to unfold fully.

Join us on our journey in finding those dreams, some of which we will help bring to reality. And if you’re one of those who’ve nursed entrepreneurial ambitions, or know of someone who does, visit us at The Power Of Ideas.

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