Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shortlisted Candidates Prepare for Elevator Pitch

With the results of the first short-list declared in The Power Of Ideas initiative, it is time now for the short-listed candidates to gear up for the second round of the programme. In order to proceed to the final stage of meeting investors, all short-listed participants will be required to make an ‘Elevator Pitch’ in the next few days.

What is the Elevator Pitch?

It is just a brief dialogue between a potential investor and a participant so that the investor gets a quick grasp on the robustness of the business idea and the ability of the participant to execute it. The date and time for the individual Elevator Pitch will be made available on our website,, starting Apr 10, 2009. Short-listed candidates should make a note of the schedule. Investors will call you within the given time band and you will be required to complete the Elevator Pitch telephonically.

All participants have been sent the Guidelines and Format for completing the Elevator Pitch by postal mail, besides some literature on entrepreneurship. Please complete the Elevator Pitch format and email it to

The timelines for submission of the Elevator Pitch format is:

Mumbai - on or before April 12, 2009

Bangalore - on or before April 21, 2009

Delhi - on or before April 25, 2009

Note: The submission of the Elevator Pitch format will be followed by an Elevator Pitch made telephonically, the date and time for which will be published on The Power Of Ideas site, starting April 10th, 2009.

This email will be shared with prospective investors so they too, are better prepared for the Elevator Pitch.

To get you up to speed for the Elevator Pitch, we have also put together a Mentoring Session. You are invited to meet experts and entrepreneurs at the following Mentoring Session:


Date & time : April 8, 2009 4:30 PM onwards

Venue : St. Andrews Auditorium St. Andrews College Campus,Domnik Road, Off hill Road, Bandra (west) Mumbai-50


Date & time : April 17, 2009 4:30 PM onwards

Venue : Nimhans Convention Centre, House road, Dharmaram College, Bangalore


Date & time : April 21, 2009 4:30 PM onwards

Venue : Kamani Auditorium No.1, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi 110001

Note: Short-listed Entrepreneurs wishing to attend a Mentoring Session in a city other than that assigned can email the change request to In the email specify the assigned city, and the city they wish to be reassigned to. At the venue they'll be required to produce their acceptance letter and photo-id as proof.

Participants can bring only one additional guest as a team member. All short-listed participants are requested to be at the venue ahead of the session and present their acceptance letter along with a photo ID card at the Registration desk as proof of identity.

PS: The venue and time for Mentoring Sessions are final. Please do not write to seek changes in either. No communication will be entertained on this subject. However short-listed candidates can request to be reassigned to a Mentoring Session basis city of convenience.


  1. Very useful Post.
    Shortlisted candidates may opt for a city that is close to them & convenient one

  2. Actually , every business plan competition , or presentation , like power of ideas , the eureka , the intaglio , the IIPC , everywhere you go , one thing is common dont expect to be funded , if you are an innovative company , then there is a very few , or 0% chances of getting funded , because the Indian Investors , the Venture Capitalists , the Angel Investors are not the ones those who exist in Silicon Valley and those who have funded companies like Microsoft , Google etc.
    The good thing about this contest is they are trying to create a similar kind of ecosystem which exists in US , Europe , but until and unless as VC firms come forward to address the real issues of Indian Entrepreneurs , nothing is possible here ….
    I had attended a numerous business plan contests in India , for hellodoctor , one thing I got from that is some certificates , some feel good discussions, some networking but its of no use to me presently , no serious investors , investors talking about millions of dollar investment but buddy we are a start up we dont need this , the real issues what an Indian Entrepreneur is facing is not addressed , the same way you have to fignt , you have to get self funded , take calculated risk , like that
    One thing I will like to say that these Bplan Competition can sharpen your brains , make your business plan papers more effective , but for startup forget anything from these competitions , you have to depend on your own resources , own will , you have to fight the monsters inside your brain , and outside too … If you want to be an entrepreneur take the first calculated risk first , you are not a millionaire , you are there to make millions … If you dont have confidence on your own plan , and you are thinking If you are putting your own hard earned money then forget to get any investors ..

    Dr.Smrutiranjan Patanaik
    COO - hellodoctor24×7